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Sway my sharp finger
Supress your deep fiver
Know your fuck hero
Hear my day - sorrow
Rip you
Ill never meet you

Take your sweet revenge
Pretend that you were changed
Blare for everyone
Infect all men around

Hear i cant speak
You know it seems a coming hit
Hear i cant appear
You know it seems the deepest rip>

Im going on your bridge
Im going on your side
To nowhere to leave you
Im smiling to your eyes

Your letters worry my heat
I need shelter out of your reach
I miss the quarrels of my enemy

Youre high
You fly
I die from your sight
Im crawling on your bridge
Im crawling on your side
To nowhere to not meet you
Im looking to your eyes

Got it
I dont want it
Got it
You just fade me
Got it
I dont hear it
Got it
Go your journey

Im crawling
Im crying
I was born singed to hate me
Im faking
My smiling
Im nothing in crowd

Mourning of fair
A flavour i cant smeel
Im crawling for crowd
Dont cross me im bound

Im crawling
Im faking
Im crying
To exhaustion
I wonder my number
Im sleeper knowing no value
Im usher to darkness
Im on upsurge in disorder

I get up slowly to new day
I get up slowly my frequence
No more faking
I never lie
Youll never be the same again

Im just feeling so dived
Every day im scraping out my mind
Im just scrawling at walls
Every day im taking up a pose

I cringe in corner
My head will burst
Something creeps me under skin
I cant say
What it means
I cant say what is going on

Help me from this
I suffer here
Help me from this
From all sides
From all ingles
Im so wry
I keep quiet

I wear a charge
A plash on me
I choose reflex in your eyes
I wear my chill
I dont open wide
Im alone in my conch

My day
Like your fear
Like your plead
Like your frame
In my day
Like your friends
Like your change
Like your hands
In my day
Like your voice
Like your noise
Like your plunge
In my day
I like your plight
I like your right
I like your gain
In my day

Im with your try
Im with your tide
Im with lie

Damp feather
I want to hear now
All youve on your mind
All your wishes
All your needs

I want to say now
Your veil has smiled
You close my eyes
I turned around

So dont ask why
Your spring will die
Someday i hate your sight

I want to agree now
With all your movements
Understand my melt
I want not dive

I want to care now
For all your bright sights
Throw your sences
With my cry

Sleep sweety
You were in my favourite mind
You went for my heart
You didnt cry on my shoulder
With my new thoughts

If i leveled with it
I dont know myself
Why dont you go for my voice
You go for my pain

You are in my garden
Theres my weak point
I became so blind
You smashed my bloom

Go into my heart